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On this page we attempt to clarify your questions regarding Joysite.

Please write here any query you may have.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Joysite?

A: Joysite is your easy, editable business website. Its a do-it-yourself  website platform. Joysite is a new product from teknotika that makes website editing very easy.

Q: Who is using Joysite?

A: This website www.joysite.net and our parent www.teknotika.com are hosted on Joy Platform.
Our Joysite customers are.
  1. tigers9.com
  2. thecreativewalls.com
  3. bhavishyamanthan.com
  4. peoplesmediapune.com
  5. vijayaproperties.com
  6. vrundavanganpatipule.com
  7. bvgirdhari.com
  8. inamdarclasses.in
  9. excludent.com

...and many more are getting added every day!

Q:Can I migrate my existing website to Joysite?

A: Yes we can help you in migrating your existing site to JoySite and enjoy easy update from then on.

Q:What is the technology used for Joysite? I am afraid of php scripting attacks...

A: To ensure security,reliability by choice we have decided to use only Java Platform for Joysite.

Q:Can I have a free 'no commitments' trial for my domain name?

A: Yes we encourage webmasters to try before  buy.
Just send and email to support@teknotika.com with your domain name and  point your nameservers to ns1.teknotika.us and ns2.teknotika.us
We will setup Joysite Trial for 7 days for your domain in 24 hours. Pay us only if it works for you.

Q:Is there any restriction on Number of Pages, Images, Data size?

A:  No, as of now there is no restriction on number of pages. Regarding total webspace consumtion yes we expect 1GB to suffice your present business needs.

Q:Is Joysite SEO friendly?

A: Yes, Joysite pages are SEO friendly. Joysite uses CSS and Table less page design that loads faster and takes up less resources, it makes the page less cluttered with tags and font styles.Style sheets and clean code are a must for good readability and search engine optimization

Q:How does Joysite help in SEO?

A: Page structure,meta tags and sitemap are very important in internal SEO.

Page Structure:  

Joysite uses clear page navigation based on Menu name.
It is easy to edit page title quicly.The default length for page title is 160 chars which is optimal for most search engines.

Meta Tags:

Search engines use your meta content to tell searchers what your site is about.
Joysite makes it very easy add meta-tags to your site without any xml coding. You simply to fill
in your keywords and description.

Header Tags:

Joysite Rich Text Editor makes it simpe  to mark headings as H1,H2 upto H6 which makes
it easier for the search engines to know what words are important to you in the current page context.
Validated code:  
We at Joysite strive to keep all our code validated using w3c standards. This makes it easier for Search Engine Crawlers to read the website not miss any content due to bad / incomplete tags.

Sitemap and Robot.txt:

Joysite automatically creates - updates sitemap. The sitemap is writen as per standards and is saved compressed which is idle for Search Engine Robots. Simlarly Joysite also creates 
Robots.txt for your site automaticaly as per precribed sytax.

Joysite makes it easier to have search engine friendly website in minutes.

Q:How do I get Visitor count?

A:JoySite has Google Analytics enabled as standard feature. You just need to add your Google Analytics id in the Joysite admin panel.

    Google Analytics is free service provided by Google Inc. USA. http://www.google.com/analytics/

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